Saturday, June 7, 2014

SUNRNR "Spring into Preparedness" Sweepstakes Winners Revealed

Sherry T. of Colorado shows off her prize pack
Winners in a recent sweepstakes sponsored by SUNRNR of Virginia, Inc., a Harrisonburg, Virginia-based solar generator manufacturer were announced just in time to help with preparation for the 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season. Aimed at raising public awareness about the many ways solar can facilitate improved preparedness and sustainability, entries were accomplished by answering three quizzes of increasing difficulty and covering topics ranging from the impact of power outages to energy storage to what kinds of machinery/devices portable solar can accommodate. The three winners, from Florida, Colorado, and North Carolina, received prize packs that included an energy monitor and emergency supply kit.
"Every item is very thoughtfully included to help my family be prepared for the unexpected," said Sherry T. upon receiving her package. " I plan on carrying it on the back of our ATV when we go into the High Rockies this Summer."

She added, "I want to say "Thank You"  also for the energy usage monitor and LED lights. My Husband and I will use these to better understand and improve on our energy usage."  

“Making sure individual citizens are educated and prepared to respond appropriately to emergencies and natural disasters is critically important to the overall ability of communities to react and recover with less stress and loss of life. The sweepstakes served a dual purpose of raising awareness and assisting three people/families in being ready,” said SUNRNR principal Jenny French.

Joe D. of North Carolina checking out the emergency kit
The promotion was part of SUNRNR’s ongoing commitment to educate consumers about energy issues, consumption and conservation as well as championing the relationship of renewables to preparedness and sustainability. To date, the combined potential power produced by SUNRNR units sold is equivalent to 100,000 gallons of fossil fuel consumed by comparable gas generators – a potential carbon footprint reduction of 900 tons of CO2 from emissions and another 250-ton reduction from non-grid-generated power.

With applications worldwide, SUNRNR is exploring export, particularly to developing countries and at deep discounts in support of relief efforts during catastrophic disasters. International sales of SUNRNR products were the focus of a recent James Madison University capstone project. SUNRNR was also nominated last month for the Shenandoah Valley Technology Council's Center for Innovative Technology Application Award.

More information about SUNRNR can be found at or by contacting Jenny French at, or Scott French at, 540.271.3403.