Monday, March 3, 2014

SUNRNR Meets With JMU's CoB!

There is a great opportunity in Harrisonburg for business owners to benefit from students. Many students who attend James Madison University and other surrounding colleges, like Eastern Mennonite University and Bridgewater College, have a high level of expertise in their prospective fields. While they are still in the beginning stages of their careers, they have gathered a great amount of knowledge from their classes, and are ready to set out into world to gain on-site experience!  

On a balmy afternoon last Friday, Jenny and Scott met with some of JMU’s finest international business students in order to discuss development of a marketing plan for SUNRNR (Click on that link to check out the JMU press release if you are interested in some more about this venture). Jasmine, Alex, Tess, and the Frenchs took a seat at Greenberry’s on the corner of South High and Grace St. They grabbed a coffee, and proceeded to talk about what could be done to market SUNRNR to a broad audience.    

The group explored multiple places where there could possibly be strong markets for SUNRNRs, as long as they could get the word out about their product. These included even international markets, in places like Africa and the Caribbean. They also examined the positive facets of the company. When Jasmine asked Scott what he really wanted to get out of his company and his product, Scott said, “We’d like to see it create jobs…and benefit mankind.”   

Jenny also pushed the fact that she and Scott wanted a “socially responsible company.” They want to develop their company into a concept that is not only sustainable and creates profit, but also benefits a wide array of peoples, possibly all across the world. 

By making their company available for these students to analyze, Jenny and Scott are helping the students get some great real-world experience…all while benefiting from their highly valuable feedback and intensive business background. The Greenberry’s meeting was a great success, and the Frenchs are looking forward to seeing what the CoB can do in the coming weeks! Click the link to check out the JMU press release and get all the details!

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  1. To work with young smart folks is truly inspirational. Thanks to the members of Dr. White's International Business class, you guys ROCK!