Sunday, July 17, 2016

Fish Hatchery in Palau Uses Solar Power from Alternative Energy, Inc.

Palau solar SunRunr project

When Dr. Jim McVey, the CEO of Indigo Seafood, began planning for a hatchery in the island nation of Palau, he faced a unique challenge. There is no "grid" to which the plant could connect for vital functions such as air blowers and water pumps. Consequently, he began exploring potential off-grid power solutions and became acquainted with Alternative Energy, Inc.

SUNRNR a Solar Solution

SunRunrs powering fish hatchery

After working with Alternative Energy, Inc. president Bill Finch, Dr. McVey selected a SUNRNR generator to power the plant. Because of the unique circumstances, the pair had to work to create a custom solar solution involving a pump with a variable speed starter and extra solar panels to handle the plant's needs.
Recently, Indigo Seafood completed installation of the solar system and the hatchery is now up and running.
"All the pumps and solar systems are here in Palau. Fish cages are in the water. The Seabees are helping us install everything. It is very exciting … the whole island is excited about the project," Dr. McVey reports.

A Strong Recommendation of Alternative Energy, Inc.

solar generator storage system
We are beyond thrilled to have been able to help Dr. McVey and his company set up this project.
"I would recommend Alternative Energy and Bill Finch for any of your solar system needs," says Dr. McVey.
Whether it's a remote island in the South Pacific, a quaint cabin in Appalachia, or a suburban home in Pennsylvania, Alternative Energy, Inc. has the product and expertise to meet your needs.
"I got into this business to provide solar solutions to people and companies of many different backgrounds," says Bill Finch, president of Alternative Energy, Inc. "Sometimes, that even takes you to an island you'd never heard of, and that's what I love about it."
To see how Alternative Energy, Inc. can help you find a solar solution, contact us today or call 484-593-4262.

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