Wednesday, June 3, 2015

JMU Intern Learns About Solar Power, Marketing and Pursuit of Passions

Guest post by Stephanie Gross
Two of our recent JMU interns Victoria Olmer (l) & Stephanie Gross
This past spring semester I was fortunate enough to be one of Sunrnr’s three interns. Each intern had a completely different experience, as Sunrnr allowed us to place ourselves in an area that we were each interested in. One worked on creating an extensive book of instructions for putting together a solar powered energy generator, one worked to help improve marketing standard operating procedures…And I came into the position with the most basic knowledge of solar energy and had no idea where my skills would be most useful for Sunrnr.
At my first meeting with the Sunrnr team, which included Jenny, Scott and Karen, I was assured that that would not be a problem. They gave me a wide variety of projects to focus on based on what I had a passion for and what would benefit the company. In the end, we came up with a long list of projects.
By the end of the semester, with Sunrnr cheering me on, I was able to:
  • Conduct a website usability test
  • Attend events to learn about marketing
  • Create content for Pinterest
  • Write posts for facebook
  • Create and track ad words campaigns
  • Write blog posts (including this one)
Every step of the way the Sunrnr staff was there to guide me through my projects. They were friendly, open-minded, time-efficient, and eager to help and learn with me. I quickly found that this demeanor of Sunrnr’s employees has created the brand identity.
Their energy and devotion is reflected in the company’s overall purpose and culture. Because of this, I looked forward to our biweekly meetings downtown, where we met to discuss my progress and goals, as well as Sunrnr’s progress and goals.

From this internship, I improved in many different areas and learned a lot about marketing, as well as solar powered energy. However, the most important takeaway is how possible it is to pursue your dreams and passions in life, the way Jenny and Scott have done in creating Sunrnr.
Thanks for a great semester Sunrnr! I look forward to watching your future success and hopefully more appearances at the White House!

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