Friday, January 15, 2016

Best of SunRunner Sphere 2015: More Uses, Better Access and Bigger Savings from Clean Energy Options

With the media and  industry experts touting 2015 as a historically pivotal year in the future of clean energy, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popular posts on the SunRunner Sphere this past year.

Finding new ways to incorporate small, but cumulatively significant renewable energy sources into recurring power requirements around business and home topped the most popular posts of 2015. Five Ways to Incorporate Portable Solar into Your Farm or Garden and 5 Considerations for Using Solar to Power a Water Pump offered lots of information and useful tips about what to consider when choosing alternative energy solutions for important equipment or machinery.

The business of making clean, off-grid, emergency-ready energy options more accessible in domestic and foreign markets also snagged lots of readers in 2015. SUNRNR’s participation in the Small Business Exporters Roundtable in the Spring of 2015.  Jenny French’s discussion of the key elements of legislation and business support required to ensure small businesses like SUNRNR can compete on the larger renewable energy playing field was well received, as was the in-depth look at bringing a new energy product to market in the SUNRNR Celebrates 10 Years series.

And it’s no surprise that articles featuring ways to save money with green products and practices were also big hits with readers. New Year’s Resolution: Save Energy (and Money!) offered suggestions for investing in solar, reducing gas use and tips for less waste at home and What Would a Random Power Outage Cost You? You Might Be Surprised helped readers rethink emergency planning, with an eye towards what an investment in alternative energy emergency options can save over time.

What will the energy picture look like in the coming year? Take a look at some of the predictions for 2016.  

Top Ten Clean Energy Trends Driving the Global Clean Energy Revolution

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