Thursday, September 29, 2016

50 More Ways to Save Energy - Guest Blog Post by Uma Campbell, Writer

50 More Ways to Save Energy
go greenBy now, you’ve probably heard the phrase “going green” being tossed around by family members, friends and politicians, but you may not be sure how you can start living a greener lifestyle. One of the best and easiest ways to go green is to cut back on your home’s energy use, but why should you feel motivated to become more energy efficient?

For starters, being mindful of how much energy you use at home can help you lower your gas, water and electric bills. How? It’s simple: the less energy you use, the less your electric, water or gas company will charge you for their services. Therefore, every energy efficient upgrade or home improvement project you tackle will help put money back in your pocket.

But besides the financial benefits, an energy efficient home can also help the environment. The less energy you use at home, the less of a demand there is for energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal. The drop in demand prevents these resources from quickly depleting from our planet. When you’re energy efficient at home, you are also doing your part to reduce the carbon emissions released into the atmosphere by power plants, cars, and the handling of waste.

You may think making changes around the home to be more energy efficient is a hassle, but the truth is, you’ll be more comfortable after the improvements are complete. For example, a programmable thermostat that allows you to preset temperatures will help keep your home at a comfortable temperature at all times without wasting energy. It only takes a few minutes to install, but you can enjoy the benefits of it every minute you’re inside your home.

Ready to be more energy efficient but not sure where to start? Luckily, there are dozens of changes you can make—both big and small—to help you cut back on your home’s energy usage. Here are 50 ways you can save energy around your home:

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